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Manufacturer of metal shelving

You can expect metal racks almost everywhere! They are universal products for shops, offices, workshops or garages. Generally, it depends only on their aesthetics whether we may put them everywhere. Metal racks manufacturer has to plan its products in that way, so they can be used in above-mentioned places and in various industries.

producent regałów z metalu

We offer many ready-made shapes and sizes, but we pride ourselves on our own design office and huge processing capacities. For this reason, we are able to produce any metal shelving in the Polish factory. The product on wheels or without any load capacity or color is not a problem for us.

Racks can be equipped with any hangers, hooks, containers, etc. We guarantee durability and service of products.

Manufacturer of metal shelving – offer:

  • basement racks,
  • garage racks,
  • archive bookshelves,
  • workshop shelves,
  • storage shelves,
  • shop shelves.

DISPLAY STANDS – standing tables or spatial objects, rotary also.
DISPLAY – a very popular type of counter display, functional, unique look.

We can produce shelving of non-standard height and width.

Metal shop racks, basic equipment for stores.

Robust, shop racks made of metal , powder coated, with strength and safety of use certificate, suitable for contact with food.

We will manufacture various types of racks and display stands for your business.

We offer wall units, corner racks or free-standing ones (so called gondolas). Depending on the customer's expectations, we equip them with shelves, hooks, hangers or untypical elements manufactured to order.

Our products guarantee a professional and multi-functional arrangement of shops and exhibition – commercial spaces. Each rack can be equipped with plastic details, lighting, wood and any advertising elements.

Display stand ensures order

Free-standing metal racks is an equipment of almost every store, household or garage. Thanks to them we are able to bring order to the rooms. The metal racks we manufacture will work well in a basement, a warehouse, a shop hall, an archive or a workshop. They have adequate load capacity and meet the aesthetic requirements of users. We offer many typical types od racks and we also manufacture custom-made displays.

Metal rack - many advantages

A free-standing metal rack unit from Meritum24 will keep heavy load of products without any risk. We use steel with increased resistance to damage.

Racks can be easily disassembled and moved..

Metal racks - how to choose the right one?

What should you take into consideration when deciding to buy racks for your store, warehouse or garage? Crucial thing is maximum shelf load.

Shelf durability is also important – - metal racks can have shelves made of different materials. They can be made of metal, MDF or HDF board. When ordering a rack for rooms with high humidity, buy only those protected against corrosion. Racks produced in Meritum24 are always precisely consulted with customers to meet their expectations. Our many years of experience we have gained operating on international markets and in various industries, that is why we are able to match the best option tailored to your individual needs.

Metal racks by Meritum24

The huge range of products having metal construction. The most modern technologiesof steel processing and painting were used in their design and production. Our products are very durable, with excellent ergonomics and usability.

Racks are powder-coated or galvanized. The design of every typical and untypical product guarantees rigidity and stability, both with loading or without.