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Shopfitting, a manufacturer of metal racks, exhibition and advertising

Meritum24 is a manufacturer of metal racks, we also offer metal racks, displays, displays, posy, metal cabinets. Thanks to the perseverance of our company and work with a small company evolved into a production facility with its own production halls and warehouses.

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Manufacturer of metal displays – more

We offer displays







Manufacturer of displays shop

We offer displays












Panel system for stores
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Manufacturer of metal stands. – more

Finished products, as well as on request.



Metal displays
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Equipment of shops,
supermarkets, offices and agencies,
service points.


Producer of metal stands which is Meritum24 is a partner for many companies

We operate on Polish and European market since 2001 year. As one of the few companies on the Polish market, we have a complete database design, production and logistics enabling comprehensive services in the field of shop equipment and promotional sales support we provide our customers with complete equipment, systems - racks - Storage shelves and walls, shop in shop solutions, stands, visual identification elements - light boxes, banners.

Sales, it decreases and increases strongly associated with exposure products. Our variety of exhibition stands of metal structures is thought, based on years of experience and is a very big advantage for our customers. We have made countless prototypes, thousands of racks leave our factory each month.

As recognized in Poland and in many countries worldwide manufacturer advertising stands constantly raising the standards of production, quality, aesthetics, modularity and precision are the main features of our metal racks. Our offer also includes: displays, stands, displays, racks, etc.

All racks are manufactured to a high quality regime. We use the most modern production technology world.

producer of metal
Metal shelving

Manufacturer of metal shelving

We offer a huge selection of metal racks. Made by us metal racks is a guarantee of quality and precision finishing. We provide the highest standards of functionality.
Our offer:

  • cellar racks,
  • garage shelving,
  • archive bookshelves,

We can realize the production of custom shelving height and width.


Advertising displays

Displays advertising is today one of the strengths of tools and sales and marketing. We meet them every day, and only the vision of designer and quality depends on whether we attract the attention and encourage purchase.

We offer a wide range of displays to equip small traders and large supermarkets, offices and offices and service points.

Advertising displays
metal racks production

Metal stands - a wide range of finished products, and on request by the project.

Stojaki metalowe to prestiżowa, stojąca reklama, trafiająca do odbiorców w różnym wieku. Produkty wykonujemy na zamówienie w różnych kształtach, wysokościach i formach według życzenia klienta. Mimo, że jesteśmy polskim producentem współpracujemy nie tylko z firmami krajowymi. Wykonujemy stojaki dla największych światowych sieci handlowych, producentów i dystrybutorów różnorodnych produktów.

The highest quality

Comprehensive service which results in metal racks consist of several stages. We prepare the project together with the client. We choose the color, we are planning additional equipment. Then the prototype is formed. Then just enter the patch and begin production. We are a Polish company.

Our products reach many countries. The course we offer for the state packaging and transportation to customers.
We racks of wire, sheet metal or steel profiles. We have our own paint shop with a huge capacity, the products are professionally painted!

Panel system for stores

Products of any size and color (powder-coated). Backlit peak available. Folded for transport.

panel systems store

See gallery of our realizations

See the gallery of our products for many Polish and international brands. We are a manufacturer of metal racks, shelving shop and exposition shelves, gondolas, metal cabinets.

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Polish producer of metal stands

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